FW: [rc5] rc5 page

Thompson, Christopher CThompson at suncor.com
Thu Jun 19 14:45:05 EDT 1997

>> I'm not resolving DNS for <http://rc5.distributed.net/> 
>  I'm resolving it, but can't access it.  Looks like it's down (getting
>connection refused messages).  It was working yesterday, but I keep
>getting "Document Contains no Data" messages from Netscape when I try and
>look at any of the stats.  Anyone else have this problem?
>It is working for me.  But _very_ slowly.  It looks like the web server is
>seriously underpowered.  May be another problem, though.
>(btw, I'm also coming from deschal... wonder how long it will take to crack
>this one...)
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