Source (was: Re: [rc5] Mac DESChall -> Mac Bovine RC5)

Bob Krzaczek rskpci at
Thu Jun 19 17:13:50 EDT 1997

On Thu, 19 Jun 1997, Tom Guptill wrote:
> If this is the case, then my machines will be leaving the effort when the
> old clients stop working.  I originally move from the DES work to this
> project largely because the source was made public.  Admittedly, y'all
> probably won't miss our team that much (rc5 at,
> somewhere around #100 on the list), but I'll bet that others will leave as
> well.  I guess there's no point in my working on the current source for VMS
> anymore until I find out if this is going to change...

A completely understandable point of view.  But I don't think this will be
the case (at least, that's what I'm hoping).  I read the Bovine-RC5 FAQ,
and though I can't double check what I read right now (the site hosting it
is apparently being buried by net traffic), I thought I saw something
about limited disclosure.  Or was that wishful thinking...? 

Heck, I'd even consider an NDA, with the stipulation that code not
relating directly to the network communication or transport is publicly
publishable.  That way, the Bovine folks keep their security, and those of
us with more esoteric hardware can still port and participate. 

(I've never been a fan of security through obscurity, but I realize that
the developers are probably too swamped to deal with a public review of
their protocol.  Besides, this is a short term protocol, and it's not like
we'll be relying on it for years to come). 

I first asked about source availability on #rc5 about a week and a half
ago.  Do any of the coordinators or developers have time to comment? 

// boba

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// Center for Imaging Science, RIT                        <rskpci at>

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