[rc5] Digital Unix (OSF/1) client.

Subir Grewal subir at crl.com
Thu Jun 19 13:53:18 EDT 1997

On Thu, 19 Jun 1997, Tom Guptill wrote:

:That seems a bit low, even for a 166:  our 600 5/333 does:

This is a DEC 3000, it has a 21046 running at 125 Mhz.  Which makes it
quite old really.

:I'm actually a bit disappointed in that number: it's about the same speed
:as our PPro 200s, and I think it should be a bit faster.  Does the alpha
:also lack that instruction that the SPARCs don't have?

That's what the website said.  BTW, I haven't been able to reach
rc5.distributed.net all afternoon (but I also notice that I can't reach
two of the big six providers, and www.internetweather.com reports 100%
packet loss to a number of NSPs).  Things are looking flaky around here.
Perhaps there should be a alpha-nt client as well.

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