[rc5] Personal Proxy Problem

Stuart Anthony denitto at llamas.net
Thu Jun 19 22:07:31 EDT 1997

On Fri, 20 Jun 1997, Jeff Gilchrist wrote:

> 	I just joined the RC5 Bovine challenge from DESCHALL.  I am trying to
> set up a bunch of Intel PC's running Win95 with the personal proxy server. 
> 	All of the PC machines are offline machines so they are not directed
> connected to the net.  I have the proxy server up and running but what
> address do I use in the Bovine RC5 client itself?
> 	Also, what is the difference between the Bovine Win95 client and Tim's
> Win95 client?  Is one faster than the other, more features, or what?

Form this, I assume the pc's can reach the proxy server, and the proxy
server reaches the internet...  what you need to do is point the pc
clients at the machine running the proxy.  That way the pc's only have to
connect to the proxy machine, while the proxy machine does all the
negotiating with the outside world.

Well, these probably won't mean anything by then end of this weekend after
the new clients are released, however:

TimC's are command line, Bovine has a Gui if you don't like the command
line.  I believe TimC's was under development longer, Bovine concentrating
on the proxies at first.  TimC's can buffer key blocks and store them to
disk for later retrieval if the client is stopped. Both can install
themselves into the 95/NT4.0 registry to run on reboot.  

Also, I've noticed about a 4000 keys/sec difference from the TimC client
over the Bovine client.  

Run what ya want, Both have stealth features, etc... 

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