[rc5] Personal Proxy Problem

Jason A. Farque' jasonf at pigging.com
Fri Jun 20 03:40:20 EDT 1997

>	I guess I didn't explain properly.  All the PCs I have are stand
>alone, only connect to the Internet via modem.  So I have the proxy server
>running on the same machine as the client.  Since I am not connected to any
>network, my machine (Win95) doesn't have an IP address per say.  So how do
>I tell the RC5 client to talk to the proxy server which are both on the
>same local machine.  When I dial into the net the proxy can talk to the key
>servers to get the key chunks.

Well, that's going to make things more interesting.  As far as I know,
these programs require TCP/IP to be installed to function correctly.
If all of your clients have modems and are able to dial and navigate
the Internet then they must have TCP/IP installed.  That's a good
start.  If that is the case, then you need to do what I did.  I have a
network, so my proxy listens for about 13 machines.  However, the
proxy machine itself is cranking out key blocks, so I refer it to the
proxy by using the "loopback" IP address of  In this manner
the proxy even deals with "itself" - very similar to what you're

Also, since your Internet connection are going to be very intermittent
on those dialup machines, you'll want to follow the instructions that
came with the proxy server to cache a log of key blocks for dialup

Let me know if you need more help.

Jason A. Farque'

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