[rc5] Personal Proxy Problem

David McNett dmcnett at hfdirect.com
Thu Jun 19 22:52:54 EDT 1997

>>	I guess I didn't explain properly.  All the PCs I have are stand
>>alone, only connect to the Internet via modem.  So I have the proxy server
>>running on the same machine as the client.  Since I am not connected to any
>>network, my machine (Win95) doesn't have an IP address per say.  So how do
>>I tell the RC5 client to talk to the proxy server which are both on the
>>same local machine.  When I dial into the net the proxy can talk to the key
>>servers to get the key chunks.

It doesn't sound like you need a personal proxy at all.  If each machine
is dialing in on its own, then you should just run the Bovine GUI client
and tell it to buffer a days worth of keys.  As each machine is dialed in,
it will transmit its blocks and grab more.

 nugget at slacker.com
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