[rc5] Personal Proxy Problem

Seth D. Schoen sigma at ishmael.nmh.northfield.ma.us
Fri Jun 20 00:05:38 EDT 1997

Jeff Gilchrist writes:

>I guess I didn't explain properly.  All the PCs I have are stand
>alone, only connect to the Internet via modem.  So I have the proxy server
>running on the same machine as the client.  Since I am not connected to any
>network, my machine (Win95) doesn't have an IP address per say.  So how do
>I tell the RC5 client to talk to the proxy server which are both on the
>same local machine.  When I dial into the net the proxy can talk to the key
>servers to get the key chunks.

I haven't tried this, offhand, on a Windows 95 machine, but typically
you want to use the pseudo-IP address "" (localhost) for such
operations.  If Windows 95 networking support has any proper intelligence,
it should recognize or localhost as referring to the local
machine, to allow your computer to open a socket connection to itself.

Another option might be to give your machine a hypothetical address in
private address space by means of a driver for a network adapter you
don't have, and then refer to that address.  On Unix, this provides an
alternative means of addressing your computer, since a clever kernel will
realize "that's me" instead of physically transmitting over the network.

My Windows 95 machine is sitting next to me, not hooked up, and if I hook it
up, I can let you know whether these actually work.  Another alternative
would be to invest in a network at a cost of about $25 per computer, including
cards and cables, and then your computers really will have valid local IP
numbers all the time.  Building a network does sort of take away from the
concept that all of this was done "in spare time at no cost", though.

I'd like to say hi to everyone as yet another DESCHALL veteran joining
up... I'm sorry for all the load we're causing on your web server, and I
hope soon this will be load on the keyservers instead. :-)

Nothing is more dangerous for man's private morality than the habit of
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pure, will infallibly and always be spoiled at this trade.
            -- Mikhail A. Bakunin (thanks to Rabbi Albert Axelrad)
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