[rc5] OS/2 Client

Noah Romer klevin at eskimo.com
Thu Jun 19 22:08:35 EDT 1997

Well, I recently moved over from the DESChall effort (part of the flood
:)), and am running the OS/2 client. I was wondering if someone could post
an explanation of what the various command line options are? The readme
file in the archive contains a very nice explenation of the -o option, but
no mention is made of the others. I have figured out that -c [n] will
cause the client to check n blocks and then quit. What I'm looking for is
someway to make the client fetch more than one block at a time, so that it
doesn't cause my PPP software to dial into my ISP every time it finishes
one block (~60-70 min).

I also have a question about the intercepting of ctrl-c. I would like to
run the client from a batch file (as I did w/ deschall) so the I don't
have to retype all the options everytime I restart. However, my batch file
seems to be intercepting the ctrl-c and not passing it on. Thus instead of
the client exiting on completion after a ctrl-c, the batch file kills the
client. I'm using 4os2 instead of cmd (don't know if it makes any diff).


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