[rc5] OS/2 Client

Fedor Kouranov ted99 at ibm.net
Fri Jun 20 01:35:55 EDT 1997

On 06/19/97 Noah Romer <klevin at eskimo.com> said:

>someway to make the client fetch more than one block at a time, so that it

They're still forthcoming, they're still, still forthcoming... (Murillion,
"Forgotten clients")

>I also have a question about the intercepting of ctrl-c. I would like to
>run the client from a batch file (as I did w/ deschall) so the I don't

I simply dropped the client on the desktop and set all the stuff in the
parameters field. Type in "-a rc5proxy.distributed.net -o 1 ted99 at ibm.net".


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