[rc5] Mac DESChall -> Mac Bovine RC5

andrew meggs insect at antennahead.com
Fri Jun 20 02:06:20 EDT 1997

>As Tris will tell you, I've been annoying him to death about it :)
>I understand that he is working with one of the Mac DES people on
>getting a new one prepared for the Mac OS.

I'm the Mac DES guy, and I've done a little work on it, but I haven't really
been in touch with Tris so I think I may end up doing this independently.

Here's the story:

* The new client that'll be forthcoming for all the command-line systems
  is basically a total rewrite, and so it'll require a new port.

* I'll be trying to do a Mac port of it using the same GUI frontend that
  the deschall/mac people came to know and hate. :) [Actually, it's a
  newer version of the source from what was released for deschall. It
  had graphing and 68k support added for a descall update that never

* I've written a pretty straightforward rc5 encrypter in powerpc assembly,
  and it did 485 kkeys/sec on my machine (the current client does 298
  on the same machine). Nothing tricky, just a clean implementation. It
  may be close to optimal on 601 and 603 machines, but I think by getting
  tricky I can get even more performance out of 604 and Arthur chips.

* I can't put that assembly or the deschall GUI on a client that doesn't
  exist yet. All of this is dependent on getting the v2 clients for
  other systems finished and debugged so I can work from there. It
  doesn't make sense for me to try to improve the v1 client that'll be
  discontinued soon.

* I won't be able to work on any of this next week. If the new clients
  are done by Friday evening I might be able to do a port before other
  activities intervene, if not you probably won't see anything from me
  until July.

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