[rc5] Dial on Demand connections

Rene Kint itsux at xs4all.nl
Fri Jun 20 16:11:43 EDT 1997


We (a group of 3, search for e-mail ROR) just came down from the DES
Challenge (the SOLnet effort). 

Well, running the RC5 client (OS/2 version) exposes some problems with
our Dial on Demand network connections. It dials out after every block
that it has calculated, so more than once per hour. In the DES
challenge, the client could be configured to fetch a number of key
blocks at a time, and then start crunching on those blocks, only
reporting the results after crunching ALL fetched blocks. In this case,
the phone bill would stay reasonable, as typically, I used to fetch
about 10 blocks at a time, so the system was effectively dialing in
about once in every 6 hours.

Any cure to this problem without resorting to proxy servers and all that
(of which there currently is no OS/2 version released, so it's no

Rene Kint
on behalf of ROR/RC5
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