[rc5] exiting on request ?

Tristan Horn tristan at camel.ethereal.net
Fri Jun 20 07:31:19 EDT 1997

On Fri, 20 Jun 1997, Anton Rebhan wrote:
> I joined your coordinated effort to break the RC5 code today by
> installing your program on a couple of machines I am in charge of.
> On 3 of them the programs terminated by 'exiting on request'.
> What does this mean? In particular: am I to restart them or not?

That means by request of the user, not the administrators.  :)

When the client receives a SIGHUP, it will quit after it finishes the
current block.  You can:

a) use a shell that doesn't send SIGHUP's to processes when you logout
b) try nohup
c) use screen

Here are a couple examples:
nohup rc5 -a rc5proxy.distributed.net moo > /dev/null &
screen rc5 -a rc5proxy.distributed.net moo (then ^A d to detach)

Read the man pages for more information.  I personally use screen.


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