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David Ward djw at bitsmart.com
Fri Jun 20 11:15:47 EDT 1997

One more suggestion-  use the -i option to run at idle.  Otherwise, you may have trouble getting control of your computer back.  One nice thing, though, is that you can always quit out of the client w/o loosing blocks because this client buffers to disk.  Well done Tim.


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Check our new domain names!

> I was wondering if it wouldn't attract more people to join the effort if
> the testing could be done offline, that is, not connected to the internet.

Using TimC's client on Win95/NT works very fine I find out while 
testing it.
I start it as:
rc5.exe -l -a outland.hway.net -a2 rc5proxy.distributed.net -s -k 20 
jonass at lysator.liu.se

-l is logging (writes to a file)
-a primary server to use
-a2 secondary server
-s shows status
-k number of blocks to buffer local. The larger number the less you 
have to be online

This does not hide it, but that is what I like.
You start it (beeing online), wait until it got all blocks and then 
go offline. Later you can go online any time. It will report any 
blocks finished and get new ones to fill up the 20 slots buffer.
Unless you use the -o option or the -z option the client will try to 
connect every 2 minutes after finishing the first block so be careful 
if you have any kind of dial-on-demand.

jonass at lysator.liu.se   a.k.a.  c94jonsv at und.ida.liu.se
fido: 2:204/204.8
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