[rc5] Money and hardware.

Colin L. Hildinger colin at ionet.net
Fri Jun 20 10:56:10 EDT 1997

Does anyone have the corporate contacts to help these guys upgrade
their hardware?  I think Rocke Verser of DESCHALL got 32 megs of RAM
donated to him by Kingston Memory Systems.  If there are any stings
anyone can pull, any bosses you can talk to, try it.  If it doesn't
work out in the next few weeks, would anyone feel bad about letting the
team keep an extra $500 or so to upgrade some of their hardware?

If distributed.net is to take on future projects, it will have to be
funded somehow.  Either people will contribute or the organizers will
end up doing it out of their own pockets.  Currently the web server is
a P100.  They're going to add another 32 megs of RAM to it today
(bringing it up to - I forget how much, enough, but not that much).  If
anyone has a faster processor laying around or something, I'm sure
these guys would take it.  For that matter, if you have a faster
processor laying around - I'd take it, too.  ;-)  Maybe someone has a
contact at AMD or Cyrix who would donate one to have they're name put
on the web page?  Maybe someone will step up and volunteer to write AMD
and Cyrix a letter or give them a phone call (either would be more
effective than an email).

Colin L. Hildinger

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