[rc5] I have been up for a while.

Adam Scott amscott at att.com
Fri Jun 20 14:13:36 EDT 1997

I have been up for a while... Yet I haven't seen my name on the lists (New 
I also have a problem with the IRIX-MIPS4-64 & IRIX-MIPS3-64 clients.  If I 
point them to rc5proxy.distributed.net, it resolves the name to (I don't remember the port).  If I do a nslookup 
rc5proxy.distributed.net I get all of the hosts.  I have to type one of the 
IPs as the proxy for it to work.
I have a 4 processor SGI Challenge server and a 4 processor SGI Origin 
server working on the problem, and would like to see their stats.  They are 
on the stevens-tech.edu domain.

							Adam Scott

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