[rc5] AIX/RS6000

jmanning at raleigh.ibm.com jmanning at raleigh.ibm.com
Fri Jun 20 15:08:56 EDT 1997

>	I have an AIX/RS6000 IBM machine and would like to check keys, but
>there is no binaries compiled for this type of machine.  Is there a way
>that you could make some??  I would have asked this question via irc,
>but after searching all morning trying to figure it out, I was unable.
>It might help to put something on the web page to ease finding a good
>irc client and where to connect...


Don't ask me why the .html hasn't been updated to reflect it's existence.
If you have any problems with the client, let me know, it's gotten
little testing outside of my own.

James Manning
AIX Systems Administrator - IBM PC Server Performance Group
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