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Guy Kawasaki  

>>Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 13:46:19 -0600
>>From: Rocke Verser <rcv at dopey.verser.frii.com>
>>To: deschall-announce at gatekeeper.megasoft.com
>>Subject:  WE FOUND IT!
>>Sender: owner-deschall at gatekeeper.megasoft.com
>>        "Strong cryptography makes the world a safer place."
>>That's the message RSA has been waiting for us to decipher.
>>And we did it!
>>The correct key (8558891AB0C851B6) was reported to RSA Data Security
>>shortly before midnight last night (Mountain Time).  RSA's automated
>>server acknowledged our win!
>>The winning computer is a Pentium 90MHz, operated by iNetZ Corporation
>>of Salt Lake City, Utah.  Their employee, Michael K. Sanders, was the
>>individual who was running the DESCHALL client.
>>Congratulations, Michael.  And congratulations to all who participated!
>>Many thanks are due, all around.
>>Special thanks to Justin Dolske and Matt Curtin, who took enormous
>>pressure off of me, early in the project; and who have kept the client
>>archives, mailing lists, and gateways humming right along; and who
>>diligently responded to *so many* questions on the mailing lists.
>>Thanks very much!
>>Special thanks to Darrell Kindred and Andrew Meggs, whose programming
>>skill in their respective fields (fast bitslice clients and fast
>>user-friendly Mac PPC clients) is unmatched!
>>Special thanks to Karl Runge, who has spent many evenings into the wee
>>hours (is 5 AM wee?) to develop some outstanding stats and to make sure
>>those stats were posted each morning!
>>Special thanks to Jeff Simmons, and others, whose names tragically
>>escape me, who did some early publicity to get the project rolling!
>>Special thanks to the other developers, Guy Albertelli and Kelly
>>Campbell.  Guy performed a number of "ports", and Kelly produced the
>>first Mac client.
>>Thanks to countless others, who devoted not just their CPU cycles, but
>>their boundless energy as well.
>>I offer both thanks and consolations to our only public "competitor",
>>Magnus and Fredrik:  As I have said before, SolNET is a class outfit.  I
>>never once heard you disparage your competition.  We thank you!
>>In a sense, the "win" belongs to all of us, who contributed CPU cycles
>>and clients and ideas and innovations.  We searched less than 1/4 of the
>>keyspace.  Worldwide, over half of the keyspace was searched.  A
>>DESCHALL client may have found "the" key, but you deserve credit for
>>helping to bring the "expected date of completion" significantly ahead.
>>Your Web site gave us a goal to shoot for.  A goal which we never met.
>>Your clients had many features our users wished for.  There is no shame
>>in not finding the key.  But I know the anguish you must feel after
>>putting your hearts and souls into a project for 3-4 months, and not
>>being "the" winner.
>>In my eyes, everyone who participated, whether working for the DESCHALL
>>team or the SolNET team is a winner!
>>Last but not least, thanks to my dear wife, Myra, who allowed me to
>>engage in this project (when I should have been looking for my next
>>contract programming job); and to her and my children, who tolerated
>>the disruption to our household routine caused by this project.
>>- - Rocke Verser, DESCHALL organizer, rcv at dopey.verser.frii.com
>>Version: 2.6.2
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