[rc5] distributed.net: a Generalised Compute Resource?

Bernd Petrovitsch bernd at unix.ict.tuwien.ac.at
Fri Jun 20 21:36:55 EDT 1997

On Friday, 20 Jun 1997 18:33, "Matt J. Gumbley" wrote:
> At 05:54 20/06/97 -0500, Adam wrote:
[stuff deleted]
> Imagine distributed.net as a computational bureau, where customers ask us
> to "run *this* application for a few months". We plug it into the server,
> and all clients are (eventually) updated with new computational engines,
> and parts of the problem space.
> This could be one viable way of justifying the bizzare economics of today's
> Internet. Your workstation is sitting idle on your desk at night. If it
> could be "hired out" to perform computation, the customers who require this
> would start to foot the bill for the infrastructure we have.

Which leads to the questions : 
1) What about money for this. If somebody uses "my" computer, he 
should pay for it (like renting a car you could rent CPU time) ?

2) The security issues must be solved. These jobs MUST NOT ever have 
the poissibility to destroy anything from the rest of the computer 
system (sorry, win95 :-).

3) What about laws. Say my computer participates in such a net and it 
is used for illegal purposes. Who si responsible ?????

> Comments please!
> Matt.

Godd idea. But IMHO these questions must be solved before it can work 

> References
> [Day96] "What Synchronous Groupware needs: Notification Services", Mark
> Day, Lotus Development Corp. Available from http://nstp.research.lotus.com
> (Probably)
> [Gos97] "The Feel of Java", James Gosling, IEEE Computer, June 1997
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