[rc5] Money and hardware.

TC Lai tclai at ucla.edu
Fri Jun 20 14:06:10 EDT 1997

(It's been 4 hours since I originally sent this message, so excuse me if it
suddenly appears as a duplicate on the list.)


>If distributed.net is to take on future projects, it will have to be
>funded somehow.  Either people will contribute or the organizers will
>end up doing it out of their own pockets.

Well, heck - if everyone sends in a dollar (not recommended, but just to
illustrate), we'd have what - a few thousand?  Take what you need for the
servers, roll the rest into the prize for whomever finds the key (or keep
the rest for future efforts.)

In the future, maybe we should look into compensating distributed.net
members for their spare processing power - maybe bank it up in exchange for
processor time in the future, or for cash (.01 for every million cycles.)
Distributed.net would take a percentage to keep operating, and put the rest
into the global slush fund for prizes.  Under this plan, we could take on
paid jobs (render farm, anyone?)

Of course, you could just keep it simple and get corporate/academic backing.


BTW, are there plans for a v3 Java applet to harness the machines of idle
websurfers? :)
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