[rc5] TimC W95/NT version 1.19!

Petr Slansky slansky at usa.net
Fri Jun 20 22:58:29 EDT 1997

I have download TimC clients for W95 from your official download page
and I have found there are only 1.19 versions there (visible and hide
too). The last version should be 1.20. The another think I have found in
this 1.19 version (maybe fixed in 1.20) is a bug (GPF) that appear when
client is run with long (about 100 chars) command line. My example:
C:\RC5\RC5.EXE -a rc5.ethereal.net -a2 rc5proxy.distributed.net -i -ri
-la rc5.log -k 5 slansky at usa.net
I think some allocated buffer is small, maybe...
Best regards, Petr

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