[rc5] Personal proxie, client, and Win95

Freddie Cash derf at emails.com
Fri Jun 20 15:02:52 EDT 1997

Hey everybody,

I'm trying to set up the Personal Proxie and the Win32 client on my 
Win95 PC to save dial-up time/instances.  I have the Proxie and the 
client set to look at, but after each block, the client 
still attempts to dial-out.  After a successful dial-out, it looks on 
my PC for the proxie and gets the new block.  No network data sent 
via dialup.

I've tried setting the Proxie and the client to look at HAL9000 (the 
workgroup name of my PC) but it still tries to dial out as above.

Is there some way that the Proxie and the client can be set up to run 
off 1 PC, without having to dial out after each block?  If I cancel 
the dial-out, the client hangs and crashes.

Any suggestions?  I can post the ini's for them both if needed.  My 
PC is a 486/100MHz w/20MB RAM running Win95, w/33.6 dial-up 
connection.  Any and all help appreciated.


- pyrokin at hotmail.com
- derf at emails.com
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