[rc5] AIX?

jmanning at raleigh.ibm.com jmanning at raleigh.ibm.com
Fri Jun 20 21:01:56 EDT 1997

>On Fri, 20 Jun 1997, John Payne wrote:
>> Are there going to be new AIX clients available (both PPC and PowerII)?
>> I believe the existing clients are the GenX ones? 
>If you still have the source, you can try rolling in the POWER
>optimizations from ftp://ftp.ethereal.net/pub/rc5/misc/power-opt.c

the ftp.distributed.net/pub/rc5 client for pwr arch already has the
power optimizations (actually power2 optimizations to be more specific,
they make the ppc processors run slow as hell for some reason...)

>I've already given it to a couple people.  I recall one of them saying
>that it did over 140Kk/s on a 66MHz POWER CPU with two integer units...
>Maybe they're on the list & can upload the binary to ftp.distributed.net.

model 591's went from 100Kkeys/sec to 144Kkeys/sec :)

>Note that this will not compile with cc, only gcc.  I'm not sure how or if 
>AIX cc handles inline asm.  (and sorry, I don't currently have an account
>on an AIX box on which I can compile a client for you...)

AIX cc (xlc) does handle it, but with different syntax from gcc... 

James Manning
AIX Systems Administrator - IBM PC Server Performance Group
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