[rc5] Press inquiry: The rc5 thing

Scott Duffy scottd at ican.net
Fri Jun 20 21:41:10 EDT 1997

This "massively distributed" computing model certainly is interesting,
and holds some potential. But I personally will probably lose interest
in participating once the RC5 code's been cracked. The problem is,
even with 5,000+ machines trying to break the code, it will take
several more months or possibly years. 

So although trying to break a code for cash will hold my attention,
for a while, trying to find the next prime for nothing but glory will not.
Given the totally massive odds against us (3 years to crack RC5 at
the current rate), I suspect many people will give up after a few months
have passed with no success...

Scott Duffy, scottd at ican.net

There are two rules for success: 1) Never tell everything you know.
-Roger H. Lincoln

From: Brooks Talley <brooks_talley at infoworld.com>
To: rc5 at llamas.net
Date: June 20, 1997 7:09 PM
Subject: [rc5] Press inquiry: The rc5 thing

>Hey there.  I'm the test manager over at InfoWorld, and I'm interested
>in what you guys are doing both from a cracking-the-code perspective and
>the distributed, collaborative computing angle.   I'm wondering if I can
>get some comments about where you see the project evolving (I read the
>mention of V3), and whether you think there might come a day when, when
>you install your OS, it asks you "Spend idle time: 1) looking for
>mersennes, 2) helping SETI, 3) etc" or some such.
>Keep up the work... I've thrown a couple of fast machines in the lab on
>the project.
>Brooks Talley
>Test Manager
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