[rc5] Press inquiry: The rc5 thing

TC Lai tclai at ucla.edu
Fri Jun 20 19:26:52 EDT 1997

>So although trying to break a code for cash will hold my attention,
>for a while, trying to find the next prime for nothing but glory will not.
>Given the totally massive odds against us (3 years to crack RC5 at
>the current rate), I suspect many people will give up after a few months
>have passed with no success...

I agree that the shift to prime search will probably drop many prize
seeking clients (like myself, if another effort takes up the slack to go
after RC5 64 and is willing to split the prize money.)  However, I like the
distributed computing model (I hate wasting anything, especially the cycles
on this $10,000 setup) and would not dismiss the future viability of
distributed.net projects.

With regards to personal interest, I can't comment for other people, but
the DESChallenge effort kept on gathering steam, even after several months
of key-crunching.  I was running clients for over a month, maybe two, and
while many people did drop out, a good number stayed in and many others
joined.  If you look at the DESChall stats, the general trend was to
continually shorten the average time to 50% completion.  I believe the same
will hold true for the Bovine effort, unless some other group starts up,
creates clients as efficient as Bovine and on as many platforms, and offers
a bigger chunk of the prize money as a reward.


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