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Fri Jun 20 22:39:17 EDT 1997

> I agree that the shift to prime search will probably drop many prize
> seeking clients (like myself, if another effort takes up the slack to go
> after RC5 64 and is willing to split the prize money.)  However, I like the
> distributed computing model (I hate wasting anything, especially the cycles
> on this $10,000 setup) and would not dismiss the future viability of
> distributed.net projects.

I'm on RC5 challenge(s) until they're all broken or the crypto laws get
fixed, and then i'm on to seti at home just cause it sounds worthwhile.

the prime number search is a worthy task of super_net_computer time, but
it lacks a certain appeal.. namely, that it has no end..   so it's one of
those projects that could last a lifetime.   

(which is not to say it wont get CPU cycles from me if theres nothing else
to throw them at...)

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