[rc5] TimC W95/NT version 1.19!

David Friese lexam at pacbell.net
Fri Jun 20 19:56:52 EDT 1997

> The ones on the download page had not identified themselves properly. 
>  There are newer versions now, in any event.
> Re the command line, this is a Win95 bug (doesn't happen under NT I'm 
> told)
> In your case, try:
> rc5.exe -a rc5proxy.distributed.net -i -ri -la -k 5 slansky at usa.net
> You don't need the filename rc5.log
> You don't need 2 servers (the clients respect the fact that 
> rc5proxy.distributed.net actuall points at many servers and will 
> cycle among them now)
> You could even remove the -k 5 if you have a decent internet 
> connection (it will default to -k 2)
> -- Tim
> Tim Charron
> tcharron at interlog.com
> tcharron at ctfinance.com
> http://www.interlog.com/~tcharron/

My command line is longer and it works fine on Windows 95
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