[rc5] get_keyspace: Connection refused

Colin L. Hildinger colin at ionet.net
Sat Jun 21 01:48:44 EDT 1997

On Sat, 21 Jun 97 01:25:38 -0400, Milton Forte II wrote:

>97/06/21 01:16:39  >get_keyspace: Connection refused
>97/06/21 01:18:39  >get_keyspace: Connection refused
>97/06/21 01:20:40  >get_keyspace: Connection refused
>97/06/21 01:22:42  >get_keyspace: Connection refused
>97/06/21 01:24:43  >get_keyspace: Connection refused
>Just started getting these messages.  What's going on?

One of the servers went down.  The 1.0 OS/2 client doesn't cycle to
another server when this happens.  :-(  do what I did - start a second
copy and wait for the 1st to report it's keyblock.  I'm trying to
figure out why the <ctrl>-C to finish current block doesn't work on my
system.  When I do I'll send a message to everyone and post it on my
page.  Of course, by the time I get that done, we'll probably have a
2.0 client.

Colin L. Hildinger

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