[rc5] Press inquiry: The rc5 thing

Mishari "CykiX" Muqbil mishari at thepentagon.com
Sat Jun 21 15:14:08 EDT 1997

Brooks Talley wrote:
> Hey there.  I'm the test manager over at InfoWorld, and I'm interested
> in what you guys are doing both from a cracking-the-code perspective and
> the distributed, collaborative computing angle.   I'm wondering if I can
> get some comments about where you see the project evolving (I read the
> mention of V3), and whether you think there might come a day when, when
> you install your OS, it asks you "Spend idle time: 1) looking for
> mersennes, 2) helping SETI, 3) etc" or some such.

That would be cool.. I reckon that someone should build that into the
main linux kernel eh? Well, actually, it could save a corporate one
helluvalot of money, if they use this method of calculation than to go
off and buy themselves an SGI super server.

> Keep up the work... I've thrown a couple of fast machines in the lab on
> the project.
> Brooks Talley
> Test Manager
> InfoWorld

Thanks alot! and Hope we can get some publicity out of this, with Links
off the infoworld homepage ;-)

Bovine: careful, Gateway 2000 may sue your ass because of the cows...
(remember tucows?)
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