[rc5] distributed.net - Status [ADMIN] (fwd)

Adam L. Beberg beberg at charlie.cns.iit.edu
Sat Jun 21 05:55:03 EDT 1997

Tonights installment in the ongoing saga...

We're now running at around 730Mk/sec - a 150Mk/sec big increase in the
last 24 hours.

--- Clients:
Very close now, so don't ask :) Monday if everything goes well. (subject to
change) We're putting in alot of very late nights (mornings) to get the new
clients out as soon as they are very well tested.

--- stats.cgi:
Stats searching is back, I upgraded the master proxy and devel machine to
128MB and the web server to 64MB today... my wallet is now much lighter...
Some of the proxies are starting to get preaty stressed however. 

--- The hardware:
Both the master proxy and the web server are P100's, the master proxy runs
NT 4.0. The web server is Linux+Apache - the only way to run a web server.

--- Funding and other money issues:
Donations of hardware are always welcome, or corporate money for prizes (for
future projects). This will never be a for-profit organization - money would
go against the spirit of distributed.net.

--- Source Code:
The rc5 'core' will be published in about a week for people to tweak
and convert to assembly, and make faster. Along with a stub for testing
it. The Networking code will not be available, since we need to avoid
spamming attacks such as DES-Sol experienced. If we wanted to write hostile
code, we'd be using ActiveX :)

--- Clients (v3)
After the outcries today about what I had announced to be the v3 clients. I
thought I should make a couple clarifications.
You will still have control over what project is running on your machine.
No code will be able to be able to run on your machine unless it is signed
with strong crypto, not the little crypto we're cracking to show how weak it
is. There will also be other safeguards and controls using public key
I've been developing these ideas for about 3 years, so I can't explain it
all in an email message.

--- Contacts:
Jeff Lawson for issues specific to the RC5 project.
Myself for issues relating to distributed.net and future projects.

- Adam L. Beberg
  beberg at distributed.net
  distributed.net coordinator

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