[rc5] gaining and retaining users

David Ward djw at bitsmart.com
Sat Jun 21 10:35:00 EDT 1997

I think one thing that motivated people in DESCHALL was that the statistics were reported on a daily basis rather than just the aggregate count.  It was interesting to follow "who is number one today, this week, etc."  I like the RC5 stats, but the addition of stats for teams in the last 24 hours would keep people's interest more.  This goes double for people who are new to the effort and would take weeks to work their way into the top 100.

I apologize if these stats are available and I just haven't found them yet.


>With regards to personal interest, I can't comment for other people, but
>the DESChallenge effort kept on gathering steam, even after several months
>of key-crunching.

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