[rc5] Press inquiry: The rc5 thing

Sean McPherson sean at ntr.net
Sat Jun 21 12:48:14 EDT 1997

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> Hey there.  I'm the test manager over at InfoWorld, and I'm interested
> in what you guys are doing both from a cracking-the-code perspective and
> the distributed, collaborative computing angle. 

	Whoo-hoo! More good press! Thanks for checking in with us; we love
getting to word out to more people! :) I'm just a member of a cracking
team, not exactly "with" distributed.net, but I'll toss my opinions in
here, too :)

> I'm wondering if I can
> get some comments about where you see the project evolving (I read the
> mention of V3), and whether you think there might come a day when, when
> you install your OS, it asks you "Spend idle time: 1) looking for
> mersennes, 2) helping SETI, 3) etc" or some such.

	I see more of the same kkind of work that we;ve already been
doing: work  to optimize the clients and to get more peoplpe involved.
Hopefully, this will incrfease people's acceptance of the fact that
distributed efforts have value. We could be doing Oil Survey calculations
or things like that almost as easily. If you've read the list, you've seen
some of the ideas we've batted around about better ways to make
distributed programming a reality, and a viable solution to problems
requiring huge amounts of computer time.
> Keep up the work... I've thrown a couple of fast machines in the lab on
> the project.

	Hey, we appreciate it!	 But throw in a few slow ones, too,
because I bet no one uses them anymore!!! :)

> Brooks Talley
> Test Manager
> InfoWorld
Sean McPherson
sean at ntr.net
Systems Administration
NTR.Net Corporation
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