[rc5] command line options/safe exit

Richard Ebling rebling at xmission.com
Sat Jun 21 12:38:48 EDT 1997

   I'd like to second the request for a HOWTO or readme file on the
options for the *nix version.  I've currently got the linux(elf) version
running on my machine at home, but I sometimes need to reboot it into
non-linux modes for other family members' use (no, I'm not running
dosemu or wine yet).  

   I'd like to know how to stop the rc5-linux-foo job nicely so it can
resume later without dropping a big chunk of unsearched keyspace.  And
I'd like to see the options clarified a little so it's easier to set it
to run for x hours, etc.
   How about putting a pointer to this info in the FAQ?  (or maybe--a
note regarding capabilities of the client, in this regard?)  
I understand the reluctance to do this, if the NewImprovedSuper-clients
are due out RSN... Still, those of us who are running small systems at
home, with occasional connections, can contribute (and are more likely
to if we know how to start and stop the damn thing!).  TIA, Richard

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