[rc5] My Keys don´t show up ?!?

mlorenz mlorenz at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sat Jun 21 21:00:20 EDT 1997


I am running a Proxy and sended 32 Keys to your server, but they don´t
show up in the statitics ??? (my machines name is

What´s wrong?

I would be very grateful for any help with that.

My Proxy.ini follows:
ipaddress=rc5proxy.distributed.net	;address of keyserver
port=2056		;port on keyserver to talk into
workperiod=30		;minimum seconds between network accesses
threshold=40		;minimum streaming block size (number of keyblocks)

ipaddress=	;local IP to bind to (or leave blank for all)
port=2056		;local port to listen to
timeout=5		;timeout for dead incoming connection
backlog=5		;incoming TCP connection backlog

minkeysready=10		;proxy will try to maintain this minimum
maxkeysready=60 	;proxy won't fetch more keys than this value
logfile=g:\download3\rc5\logfile.log	;filename to log messages to (or
blank for none)

MfG.: M.Lorenz
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