[rc5] work with DES Challenge group

Matthew Vaughan matthewv at macconnect.com
Sat Jun 21 14:00:32 EDT 1997

Hey, to speed up the process a lot, improve quality of the clients, and get
the word out, why don't you recruit the DES Challenge group to join in?

You could give the DES group their own server. They could distribute
clients with that server as default. They could post their own stats on
individual machines connected to that server (which wouldn't show up as
part of your round-robin), but their collective effort would show up as one
team in your stats. They could split their $1000 portion of the prize as
they wish, should they win. Since they had at least as many people
participating in their effort as you have in yours, it seems like a waste
to have those people scatter, with only some oŸ them transferring over to
your project.

In addition, I think they could give you some programming help on client
development. Their Mac client, at least, was way superior to yours
(sorry!). I'd love to see that client used as a wrapper for your
key-checking and networking code. (not sure if that code could be improved,
also, but it doesn't hurt to try!) It has a friendlier interface, automatic
logging, the ability to easily set preferences ONCE (instead of each time
it is run), real-time performance and progress stats, and especially it
seems to handle wait-next-event much better, and process much more
efficiently while still giving time to other programs.

Anyway, I hope you will consider it!

Matthew Vaughan
matthewv at macconnect.com

Classical Music and Macintosh computers? Yeah, you could say I'm in the
minority...  (hey, I'm left-handed, too...)

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