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Sat Jun 21 16:36:24 EDT 1997

Don't misunderstand me.  I'm not an organizer, just a team leader.  I
have no more say in what is done than you do, I just expressed my
opinion.  It's up to the folks in charge to make those decisions.  <G>

On Sat, 21 Jun 1997 16:30:35 -0400 (EDT), Kris Van Hees wrote:

>I agree that the amount of people requiring open source is small, however I
>would also hope that dropping support for a minority would be something you
>see in commercial software, not in amateur projects where you depend on the
>goodwill of people to participate.  Obscurity is never a good way to  solve
>problems anyhow - I believe in more robust methods where source code can be
>open and still provide a fairly secure program.
>As for the 1.0 clients continuing on their own.  Why not publish the server
>code so people don't have to reinvent the wheel?  To be honest, if you want
>people to even consider continuing as a separate project (which is doubtful
>since you already mentioned that this will be a minority), there should  be
>a point to it.  I have been very happily contributing  to  the  Bovine  rc5
>break attempt, but I am not willing to spend the processing power to a goal
>which is hopeless from the start.
>It was fun.  When client v1 support goes, so do my machine.
>> OK, I know this sounds terrible and all, but it's only a small fraction
>> of the people who have these policies and the obscurity policy is
>> (IMHO) more important.  I'd encourage all of those who require open
>> source to take the 1.0 clients and design your own server and start
>> your own group.  Of course, it'll be hard, but at least you'll still be
>> attacking the problem and competition is a good thing if kept friendly
>> (DESCHALL vs. Solnet was a lot of fun).  If you do this and want to
>> attract more people, just offer more of the money.  As for me and mine,
>> we'll follow distributed.net...
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