David Sowder davids at cosmic.swau.edu
Sat Jun 21 22:02:02 EDT 1997

On Sat, 21 Jun 1997, Kris Van Hees wrote:
> As for the 1.0 clients continuing on their own.  Why not publish the server
> code so people don't have to reinvent the wheel?  To be honest, if you want
> people to even consider continuing as a separate project (which is doubtful
> since you already mentioned that this will be a minority), there should  be
> a point to it.  I have been very happily contributing  to  the  Bovine  rc5
> break attempt, but I am not willing to spend the processing power to a goal
> which is hopeless from the start.
> It was fun.  When client v1 support goes, so do my machine.

Maybe before the servers drop support for the v1 clients, a personal proxy
could be released that communicates with the RC5 servers using the v2 client
protocol and communicates with the clients using the v1 client protocol. 
Such a proxy could run behind a firewall, configured to allow the proxy
to only communicate with the RC5 servers.  Thus the source available v1
clients could still be used at source required sites.  The personal proxy
machine could even be restricted to communication on the RC5 ports only, to
prevent malicious traffic by the untrusted proxy program.  In this way, the
source required site can rest easy knowing that the one piece of code that
source is not available for can only do as intended and the source available
v1 clients can continue to contribute to the RC5 effort.

A workable idea?

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