[rc5] Using the RC5 Client (OS/2)

Milton Forte II mwf at ibm.net
Sun Jun 22 01:19:05 EDT 1997

In <199706211733.KAA22483 at zeus.ihermes.com>, on 06/21/97 
   at 01:32 PM, "Byte Of Software Systems Inc." <info at bossi.com> said:

>I am running the OS/2 client. It has connected and is running a key space.

>Do I need an open connectino to the internet, or can I shut down the
>connection and the rc5 client will save the results until the next time I

The client will keep trying every 2 minutes.  Or go to
http://www.ionet.net/~colin/DES-Challenge.html and follow the RC5 link and
get dialin.cmd to auto-connect when needed. 

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