David Sowder davids at cosmic.swau.edu
Sun Jun 22 01:33:55 EDT 1997

On Sun, 22 Jun 1997, Seth D. Schoen wrote:
> > if someone is willing to put up a v1-to-v2 proxy/convertor
> My bottom-line conclusion: either the v1 protocol should not be expired,
> or developers should not be permitted to develop the proxy converter
> which is being discussed.  Sorry to anybody who is planning to use it... :-)
> Can anybody clarify specifically the reasoning behind making the old
> clients stop working eventually?  I joined the list late (after
> DESCHALL) and might have missed it.

I will admit that I presented my idea while ignoring the reasons for the
discontinuing the v1 clients.  It was presented in the spirit of "maybe
there's a way to satisfy "source required" organizations without releasing the
source to the v2 clients".  Cryptographically signing the binaries is a good
idea, though I don't know how acceptable that will be to the "source
required" organizations.  I've seen the source to the v2 clients while
working on the VMS port and I haven't seen anything malicious so far... 
(For the organizers to code in something malicious would again be a stupid,
"self-destructive" thing.)

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