[rc5] Proxies

Kevin Manderson kevin at gocdo.net.au
Sun Jun 22 17:29:38 EDT 1997

I am trying to set up the personal proxy server on an NT workstation to
manage my site and a few in the area.

I can get the proxy running and listening etc. However, when another
machine makes a request nothing happens.

I have set .ini file and all up as per the documentation but no go.

Also I have a linux box that will become the server for this in the near
future. I tried to ftp the linux client but kept getting bounced with a
protection violation (using ftp not a web browser). Is there somewhere I
can get the x86 linux personal proxy server from via ftp?

Kevin Manderson. Grad Cert Mgmt, Exec Dip Ent.
     Email: kevin at gocdo.net.au
     Web:  http://www.gocdo.net.au

     Web Support and Outsourcing

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