[rc5] distributed.net: a Generalised Compute Resource?

Matt J. Gumbley csa49 at keele.ac.uk
Sun Jun 22 14:37:37 EDT 1997

At 15:08 20/06/97 -0400, you wrote:
>"Matt J. Gumbley" <csa49 at keele.ac.uk> writes:
>> The idea of a "generalised compute resource" is very interesting: that the
>> machines we currently use give up some cycles to *whatever job we throw at
>> them*.
>You _must_ be kidding!  You're suggesting that I open my machine up
>so wide that anyone who can break your security protocols can run
>any program on my machine?
>That is insane.  If (and only if) it were voluntary to add specific
>modules, I might participate.  However, what you are suggesting is a
>security nightmare.
>I have some thoughts on the techinical details of how to do a system like
>this, but the important thing is that the admin of the site _must_ have
>control over what modules can run on a box.
>And remember that some sites insist on source code.  I do, for instance.

No, I wasn't suggesting that. Using an approach similar to the Java
"sandbox", you run a Java applet which connects (through the shell) to the
proxies to receive keyblocks. My main concern was generalising the type of
problem. Security has to addressed, sure. The generalised client can only
a) compute and b) talk over the network. No local disk access, etc. Runs at
a low priority...

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