[rc5] rc5 MacOS Version BUG

Tristan Horn tristan at camel.ethereal.net
Sun Jun 22 06:36:11 EDT 1997

Ack... I can be pretty stupid at times.  Not only did I forget to add an
exit(), but I put the -w 0 & -s checking in both do_test and
do_cipher themselves, instead of main... must have been another attempt
to program @ 5am.

There are new fixed clients here: 
ftp://ftp.ethereal.net/pub/rc5/rc5-macos-fat.bin (120K)
ftp://ftp.ethereal.net/pub/rc5/rc5-macos-ppc.bin (60K)
ftp://ftp.ethereal.net/pub/rc5/rc5-macos-68k.bin (53K)

I also changed the default PPC keys_per_wake to 15000 (from 10000).  This
will improve speed slightly for people not using the -w argument.  (And
README.ppc still says the default is 800... ah well.)

I also made it a bit smarter about how it tells you to quit (changes if
you use -w 0).

I still don't know why people are seeing huge speed decreases with the new
client, but I know that Speed Doubler is causing it.  You can either use
the fat version (why this works, I have no idea) or turn off SD. 


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