Tom Guptill tgpt at pas.rochester.edu
Sun Jun 22 13:09:42 EDT 1997

I guess I don't see how that's all that different from not having the
source at all.

The suggestion that there be a proxy to allow those of us with the V1
clients to communicate sounds like the best one so far, and would probably
let most of us with a source-only policy take part; even if one can't run
the proxy server (no source), I'm sure we could come up with someplace
that is willing to proxy for source-only sites.  I might even be able to
do so from a host on one of our more secure network segments.

- Tom

On Sat, 21 Jun 1997, Oscar Chang wrote:

> On Sat, 21 Jun 1997 12:42:46 -0400, Tom Guptill wrote:
> >Agreed.  I hold of my users to a "source required" policy for software, and
> >I can't very well break the policy and expect them to follow it.  I don't
> >require source for things like Mathematica or Digital UNIX because (a) I
> >have at least a limited amount of faith that Wolfram & Digital aren't out to
> >get me and (b) they're staking their reputations on the quality of their
> >sofware, which gives me some PR ammunition if things go awry.
>   What about this? The source for the client is given out except for the
> network functions. The network functions will be given out as a object
> file so that it can be linked in, but you don't see the source? Just a
> thought...
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