[rc5] Finished OS/2 RC5 Page

E.M. Huisman ehuisman at knmg.nl
Sun Jun 22 19:20:55 EDT 1997

On Sun, 22 Jun 97 18:15:11, E.M. Huisman wrote:
>>  I've finished the OS/2 RC5 page. It now has a FAQ, future additions, and
>>how to do DOD and other stuff. :)
>>  If questions about the client show up on the list, I'll add them to the
>>FAQ. Enjoy. :)

>And WHERE is that FAQ ??
>This is one of the biggest problems I encounter: lack of clear documentation and
>where to find it. It may be obvious for you but not for me....

OK, found it, by putting /rc5 behind www.divide etc. 

Lucky guess.


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