[rc5] Linux Problem(s)?

Sean McPherson sean at ntr.net
Sun Jun 22 16:51:16 EDT 1997

Quick question, cause I may be doing this wrong...

I'm running Linux on a dual P200 system, so I run 2 rc5's (bovine) at a
time. They are started like this (shell script):

while true
        cd /home/rc5/DES
        /home/rc5/DES/rc5 -c 1 -a rc5proxy.distributed.net rc5 at ntr.net
>>/home/rc5/DES/RC5 2>>/home/rc5/DES/RC5
        sleep 5
done &

Each key block runs in about 24 minutes, 15 seconds, per processor. but I
keep getting a 'hanging' process. Here's the output of a ps:

rc5     11989 27.0 500.0   836   380  ?  S   14:16  24:15
/home/rc5/DES/rc5 -c 1 -a
rc5     12046 65.1 473.6   836   360  ?  R   15:34   7:11
/home/rc5/DES/rc5 -c 1 -a
rc5     12060 63.5 473.6   836   360  ?  R   15:40   3:04
/home/rc5/DES/rc5 -c 1 -a

The top one there started at 14:16 hours, and has been sitting there for
an hour and a half now... There are no errors about sleeping 1 or 5 or
anything in the log file, or anything about not being able to contact the
server. This has happened a few times now, so I've lost a few blocks and
some CPU time. What would be a better way to do it, or what am I doing
wrong if this is fine?

Sean McPherson
sean at ntr.net
Systems Administration
NTR.Net Corporation
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