[rc5] Suggestion for protocol

Honza Pazdziora adelton at informatics.muni.cz
Sun Jun 22 22:52:29 EDT 1997

> 1. If no proper verification of block replies exists, that is a serious flaw.

The following idea I got after the SolNet started to have problems
with spam. The main goal is not to authorize the client but rather the
results that it gives.

The block that the client gets from the keymaster would be divided
into 1024 subblocks. Each would be encrpted and cumulative checksum
would be taken. The result would be 1024 bytes (or any other number),
one byte per one subblocks. The keymaster would have to choose number
between 0 and 1023 randomly and compute the subblock and it's checksum.
If it is OK, it believes that also the rest of the block has actualy
been processed and accepts the block.

This would prevent people from downloading blocks and reporting them
back as negetive without ever looking at them.

The question is how powerfull the keyservers (or hosts doing the
checks would need to be). Any idea if this if feasible? There is
a tradeoff between the traffic load (you could have more smaller
subblocks) and the work put on the keymasters. 

The main advantage is that we could believe these blocks and the
clients could be source-code open, for everyone to work on them.


> Anyhow, I believe we haven't heard the comments on this issue yet from the
> actual organizers/designers.  Though I doubt the comments will be supportive

Is there some e-mail address similar to the des at des that would go to
the designers only?

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