[rc5] Suggestion for protocol

DevilBunny bunbun at reptile.rug.ac.be
Sun Jun 22 23:13:57 EDT 1997

On Sun, 22 Jun 1997, Honza Pazdziora wrote:

> The block that the client gets from the keymaster would be divided
> into 1024 subblocks. Each would be encrpted and cumulative checksum
> would be taken. The result would be 1024 bytes (or any other number),
> one byte per one subblocks. The keymaster would have to choose number
> between 0 and 1023 randomly and compute the subblock and it's checksum.
> If it is OK, it believes that also the rest of the block has actualy
> been processed and accepts the block.

how do you extend this scheme beyond Rc5? what if you want to move onto 
searching prime numbers or whatever is in the pipeline?

this also increases networkload/load on the keymasters

well, you *have* a tradeoff for more security....

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