[rc5] Is it possible to connect a personal proxy to another ?

Bruno David Simoes Rodrigues bdsr at delta.ist.utl.pt
Mon Jun 23 02:03:41 EDT 1997


On Sat, 21 Jun 1997, Jeff Lawson wrote:

> At 02:02 PM 6/21/97 +0000, Bruno David Simoes Rodrigues wrote:
> >Is it possible to have a personal proxy getting keys in another
> >personal proxy ? I've tried and the server proxy does not give
> >keys to the client. :(
> No daisy chaining is not supported by design.  Personal proxies must talk
> directly to one of the full key proxies reachable through
> rc5proxy.distributed.net

Ok, now it is not possible, but would it be any time ?

We have some dialup intranet that wanted to connect to the University
proxy. One solution is to use the win95 Tin client, but that envolves
having an firewall with masquerade, and to get even worst, there's 
no Tin's Client for linux, so the masquerade machine can't process
It would be easier to have one proxy in the dialup router, serving
the intranet (linux, windows, etc), and still participating in the
proxy from the group.

Can't you make one proxy that can forward to another proxy ?
To when the Tin's client for linux ? (or some other multi-block client)

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