[rc5] Proxyper & rc5 client

John Rix J.Rix at mailbox.uq.edu.au
Mon Jun 23 11:26:13 EDT 1997

> >But that's still not killing it gracefully - ie. sending it some kind of
> >shutdown signal.
> It should be...  That is why when something is really hung (eg, a telnet
> connection that you don't want to wait for DNS resolutiont to fail ;) and
> you try to end task, you get a "program not responding, end task, or
> dlg. box.
> So, it would seem that windows is sending some kind of soft-kill signal,
> then, if that doesn't work, asking if you want to send a hard-kill.

Is the personal proxy designed to accept this 'soft-kill' signal?
I guess the question is does the win95 personal proxy behave the same way
as the *nix versions? Like I mentioned, I've found no way of getting it to
quit out such that it passes it's completed keys to the RC5 servers first.

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