[rc5] Stats-Script can't find our domaines

Jens Klein klein at ai-lab.fh-furtwangen.de
Mon Jun 23 04:19:18 EDT 1997

next is a problem of our team: "Red Elch Group" .
In the stats our computers are neither shown by domain-search nor by
ip-adress. In case of searching for a substring (fh-furtwangen.de) they
aren't shown too. Only if we're searching our team's e-mail adress
(schaetzk at fh-furtwangen.de) we are able to have a look at our stats. 
You can see the names of all participating computers at
contact me (german, english or [simple] spain)!
    at FHF: klein at ai-lab.fh-furtwangen.de
    at CIS: jensens at compuserve.com
    www: http://www.home.pages.de/~jensens
    ftp: ftp://fideris.ghb.fh-furtwangen.de
Paddlers join our chat-channel #canoe: 	
   Info: http://www.home.pages.de/~#canoe
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