[rc5] Abnormally low processing rate for Windows 95?

Evan Jeffrey ejeffrey at eliot213.wuh.wustl.edu
Mon Jun 23 01:43:51 EDT 1997

>I put the Windows 95 rc5 client on my my Windows 95 machine
>(tesla.alcyone.com), and after running it for a few days, I'm seeing very
>strange results.  The processing rate varies wildly, even when idle (which
>is what the machine is most of the time) -- but usually hovers between 50
>and 90 kkeys/s.  It's a Pentium 200 MHz machine, and so should be doing
>much better.  When I run the speed test in the client, I get a consistent
>182 kkeys/s.
>Is this expected behavior for the client?  Is it really this bad on
>Windows 95?

Guess number 1: You have some sort of green bios.  Since win95 is never
"really idle" (eg, it doesn't halt the processer when it has nothing to do,
unlike notable OSs ending in NIX) power managment feature are more or less a
kludge, and often just watch for keyboard and mouse activity.  If neither
are present, they slow the processor down to a few MHz while waiting for
something to happen.

The best solution is just to turn off all power managment:  If you are
runnign rc5, your computer is never idle.  Or you can enable screen blanking
and perhaps disk spindown, but not slowing down the cpu.

Guess number 2: are you using a fancy screen saver?  Some of them suck a lot
of CPU time on the (wrong) theory that if the kb. is idle the computer isn't
doing much.

Evan Jeffrey
erjeffre at artsci.wustl.edu

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